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Hello everyone, 

It has been a busy week, I've hit the ground running after the half term holidays and work is busy, busy, busy! I have been making Business Pinterest boards this week and learning all about that. I have a personal pinterest account so I understand how it all works but when you hit the business button on anything there's so much to read and trawl through. I'm a visual person and like all the photographs and images and the 'looking' aspect to it all though. The advertising side of things is a brand new world to me, that does baffle me somewhat. If any of you out there have any advice for me then please let me know. You'll find a link to my Pinterest account on the home page of the website. Let me know what you think.

I'm watching a series of videos on setting up a craft business too. These have been interesting. My husband finds this all very amusing as I choose  to do this whilst sitting in the bath. Well it is the only chance I have for 5 minutes peace and it doesn't stipulate in the small print that you have to be dry to watch them! Here is a link to the website that I've been looking at 

Anyway I'm going to plan my next set of drawings and Linocuts tonight and this weekend is going to be a big printing session. I shall keep you updated with photographs.

Thank you to those who have supported me so far. I'm feeling humbled by the amount of people who have signed up for a newsletter. I need to collate a folder of your email addresses and design a template for a regular News Letter Feature. It's another job to put on my to do list! 

I'm still enjoying it so hey ho! Please comment or get intouch. It is nice to get a measure of where in the world this Website, Blog and Shop are reaching!

Jo x


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